It is amazing how much people want to learn about their baby even before the birth.  This has certainly been my experience since delivering Hypnobirthing classes.  A further aspect is that couples actually appear to engage with each other is ways that facilitate their own relationship as well as that with their unborn baby.
Hypnobirthing works with thoughts, emotions and self awareness.  Working with the ‘here and now‘ in preparation for the future.  The expectant mums and their partners bring so much of themselves to the classes.  Sharing experiences in a safe, calm and comfortable environment appears to bring the best out in everyone.
While a major focus of Hypnobirthing is to prepare mum to experience a calm, comfortable, controlled and joyful natural birth, other elements of the classes contribute to this end but also supports the wonderful bonding relationships parents have with their new baby.  Parents appear to learn so much about how their unborn baby develops as well as their amazing abilities even before their birth.
I make the point of presenting every father with the book ‘Oh, Baby, the Places You’ll Go!‘, adapted by Tish Rabe from the works of Dr. Seuss.  This lovely little short story is ideal for a dad to read to their unborn baby in the months before the birth, as well as for sometime afterwards.  Dads can do so much before the birth of their baby, to help them on their way. The unborn baby recognises voices and will recognise differences between mum and dad.  A story from dad is only one of the many ways baby and dad spend time together.
Hypnobirthing classes have much to offer every expectant mum and her partner.  More to follow in the next instalment of the HypnoBlog.

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