I have met some amazing expectant mums on my journey through my professional life.  More recently, two women in particular stand out in my mind because they are determined to take greater control over their up and coming delivery of their first child.
Both have been through the brainwashing bit.  Firstly, being told how painful having a baby can be and secondly, being informed of the numerous interventions that can help reduce the pain as well as preventing their babies from too much stress often aligned to giving birth.
The two women I mentioned earlier have decided to look for other alternatives to the routine interventions often used to control labour, delivery and other aspects of child birth and early parenting.
Hypnobirthing is one such alternative method which can provide mum’s and their partners with the opportunity to birth their babies in such a manner that is good for mum, dad and of course the baby.
It must be highlighted that some interventions are important and indeed necessary in the prevention of problems and to treat them if or when they arise.  However, the routine nature in which many interventions are applied, offered and ultimately used, has taken so much away from women.
Supporting expectant mums to use their body and mind’s natural resources is an important way forward.  Child birth, not only becomes a time of developing new life skills but it also facilitates intimate and attachment relationships.  This is a great way to go in safeguarding children and their families.

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