I wonder how many women are put off having a baby because of the worry over pain at the time of delivery. Some perhaps don’t consider this point until their pregnancy is well under way. For years, the birthing process has been identified as a painful experience. So much so that pain management is high on the agenda of maternity professionals running antenatal preparation.
There is now growing evidence that many more women are selecting to have an epidural as their labour becomes established. What is interesting is the lack of research into the experience of pain and its management during the birthing process. There appears to be societal and professional expectations that pain is a natural part of giving birth. But does labour and giving birth actually have to be painful?
Compounding the pain issue is the increase in routine interventions to manage labour and delivery. An area of importance and one that receives little interest or attention is the preparation of mothers in the antenatal period for labour and delivery. Little is known about the evidence informing present day development of antenatal preparation within the National Health Service?
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