Over the past week there have been a number of interesting articles that have been brought to my attention.  I would like to share two articles with you because it is important for you to have the information before you make decisions about the delivery of your baby.
The first article is one about oligohydramnious.  Oligohydramnious is a condition which some mums experience when the amniotic fluid surrounding their unborn baby in the uterus drops in amount.  There are a number of fetal and maternal conditions which may lead to less amniotic fluid but it can also arise in near term pregnancies in health unborn babies and mums.  You may find the information helpful.  Just follow the link.
One further article could also be of interest to anyone out there as it discusses microbiomes.  Yes, I know, another silly sounding name.  But, the information discussed in this second article may impact on the short and long term health of your baby after birthing.  Once you have an understanding of the technical detail you will understand the need to minimise routine interventions during the birthing process, as well as going for a vaginal delivery immediately followed by skin-to-skin and breast feeding.  Have a read of the article.  There is more to come on this topic I am sure.

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