There is no getting away from it, becoming a parent can be a stressful time for some mums and dads.  The developing relationship between parents and their new baby is a consuming activity and requires an amazing amount of attention in the early days. Having a baby to care for 24/7 can be viewed as a daunting responsibility especially when new daily routines are becoming established.  How parents manage this time depends so much on their ability to adjust to so many changes, social support systems and other factors relating to their immediate environment.
From mum’s perspective, it is not just the physical adjustment to motherhood but also the psychological (emotional) feelings and social relationships which can impact on their ability to manage the transition to caring for a new baby.  Mood changes are common in mums, often viewed as an evolving aspect of becoming a new mum.
Some mums can benefit from hypnosis to support them through their transition to motherhood.  Some believe that hypnosis in the postpartum period can reduce the risk of further mood changes at this significant time.  The true impact of the contribution of hypnosis in the recovery stages after childbirth is not fully realised. Research exploring the effectiveness of hypnosis in the management of mood change in the postnatal period is necessary.  However, supported relaxation and #talking therapies for mums and dads is a vital postnatal support.

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