There are so many positive benefits for mum, her partner and of course baby with HypnoBirthing™.

For mums who require a c-section or forceps to safely deliver their baby, then learning HypnoBirthing™ techniques is not wasted. Contact the Watson Rooms for further information.

For you (mum)

  • Supports a natural childbirth
  • Work in harmony with your body
  • You have the skills and strategies to manage anxiety and pain
  • Minimalises the use of drugs
  • Shorter labour
  • Less fatigue
  • More awake to ‘be emotionally with’ your baby
  • Mums can feel more empowered
  • Mums report feeling calm and more stress free in the postnatal period leading to better mental health

Your partner (dad)

  • Learn how best to support your partner
  • Feel and be part of the birth of your baby
  • See, touch and smell your baby following the birth
  • Feel the emotion of ‘being with’ your baby
  • Experience the bond with your baby
  • Feel very proud of what you have contributed to, and achieved

Your baby

  • A relaxed and calm birth creating a calm and
    relaxed baby
  • An alert baby to touch, see and interact with
  • A content baby