The Watson Rooms have two aims.  The first aim is to empower expectant mothers to enjoy the best birth possible on the day that they deliver their baby.  Partner’s will have the opportunity to identify how best to support mums preparing to give birth. The second aim is to support expectant parents to bond with their baby, starting before birth.

The Watson Rooms was established by Dr Gill Watson. Gill has enjoyed a career in both healthcare and education. She is a registered nurse and has also trained and worked as a midwife but is no longer practicing. Gill has experience of working with children and families in hospital and community setting. She is particularly interested in the relationships parents develop with their babies before and after birth. The quality of the parent-infant relationship, starting during pregnancy, impacts significantly on the first three years of an infant’s development. Gill has studied and researched how infant-parent relationships develop under diverse and vulnerable conditions. Her PhD explored the early parental experiences when a baby is born very preterm (before 28 weeks gestation).

Gill, along with her friend and colleague Sandra Rodwell, have contributed to and edited a textbook primarily for nurses and midwives as well as other healthcare practitioners entitled Safeguarding and protecting children, young people and families.

Gill is a Certified Birthing Practitioner and now delivers the Wise Hippo™​ positive birthing programme.  The Wise Hippo™​ approach takes into consideration the birthing needs of mothers delivering within the United Kingdom.  As well as the full Wise Hippo™​ birthing programme, other shorter courses are also available, such as Relax, Breathe and Birth and Bond with Baby (antenatal).  More information relating to all Wise Hippo™​ programmes can be found under available courses

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