Due to retirement the services offered by Gill Watson at the Watson Rooms are no longer available.  If you require to speak with a TWH birthing practitioner please go to The Wise Hippo website for support.




More and more people are learning about the benefits of hypnobirthing programmes to support natural childbirth and early parenting. Since the development of the Mongan Method HypnoBirthing programmes in the United States, other similar programmes have developed and evolved across the world.

One of the most popular programmes in the United Kingdom is the Wise Hippo™​ positive birthing hypnobirthing programme.  This programme provides antenatal education and birthing preparation which includes working with the mind-body connection, relaxation techniques and hypnosis for prospective mums and their partners, therefore supporting two outcomes:

  • Empower mums and their partners to make the right choices for them and their baby enabling them to experience the right birth on the day;
  • To support and nurture antenatal and post natal bonding with their baby starting before they deliver.

Partners will have the opportunity to learn how best to support mum during pregnancy and when giving birth.  The preparation classes enable parents-to-be to make informed choices about their birthing experiences.

Working through the Wise Hippo™​ postive birthing programme prepares both mum and dad to feel engaged with their baby before and immediately following the birth of their baby.  This is significant because of the impact bonding has on development, not only of the baby, but also for mums and dads.